Frequently Asked Questions

Can I talk to a staff member if I have difficulty with the calculator?
Certainly! Call us on 1300 528 121 during business hours and we will be happy to assist you.
Do I need a blood test?
Depending on your age, types and amount of cover requested the Insurer may seek a blood test (typically covering a number of areas). We can normally arrange to have this test done through a para medical facility at your home or work place.
Do I need a medical?
Depending on your age, type and amount of cover, the underwriter will require a signed personal statement (included in your Application). Depending on your responses to the health/medical questions in the application your insurer may write to your Doctor/s for further health evidence. This is called a Personal Medical Attendants Report (PMAR). In some situations insurers may also contact other professionals that you may have consulted eg chiropractor, specialists etc.
Do I get a cover note for my application?
Yes all insurers offer Interim Accidental cover, which provides accidental cover to you for a limited period of time till your accepted.
How long will it take for me to get covered?
Generally 25% of applications are accepted on the spot using insurer's intuitive underwriting tools. However, some can takea number of weeks. Typically 2 – 4 weeks. This depends on the type of cover selected, the sums insured chosen and your health history. If an insurer has to gather health evidence from your Dr or other health specialists that you have consulted. This can add delays.
Can anyone get covered?
Ordinarily yes, but in some instances an insurer may reject, load or accept an application with exclusions. In the case of an insurer rejecting your application this may be due to health and or lifestyle issues. An insurer may place a premium loading where the Insurer perceives an additional risk. An insurer may accept an application but exclude cover for a particular activity or pre-existing ailment.
Who has researched the premium calculations and product source?
This has been sourced from Omnium Australia Pty Ltd an independent and wholly privately owned research company.
When will I receive my cash rebate?
When you renew your policy on its anniversary date we will refund your cash rebate within 30 days of your policy's renewal. Your refund will be posted to you.
Who can access my policy information?
Under the privacy laws we are only able to provide personal information to the policy owner (or their authorised representative) – this is to protect your privacy.
How do I make a claim on my policy?
If you believe you are eligible for a claim you should call our office immediately on 1300 528 121 and we will liaise with your insurer to commence the claim.
What does a triennial review involve?
You do not need to do anything – iQ will automatically reprice your current level of cover through its premium comparator ever 3 years, this way you will know that your premium is still competitive.
What documents will I need to sign?
Your insurer will require certain signatures from you as well as your bank, (if you are using a periodic debit to your credit card or bank account) and Charter Financial Planning require you to sign an Authority to proceed.