Business Insurance

Business Insurance covers a range of areas such as: Key Person Insurance.

Succession Planning

You may have a business which is successful due to the talents and abilities of one "key" person. If this is the case, would your business fail if this individual died or was no longer able to work? Key person insurance can protect your business from the financial losses arising from the death or disablement of a key person.

By insuring such a person, a company can cover business debt against the impact of losing a key revenue generating individual.

Business succession planning can help fund a change of ownership if a partner dies, with little disruption to the business. No matter how big your business, whether a sole trader or large corporation, having a succession plan is as important for the business' continuation as having a business plan.

A simple solution is life insurance.

Business Insurance is just life insurance with a different owner. Rather than the insurance being for family needs it is for business needs. So the owner of the policy is usually the company that the individual works for. You can also incorporate other forms of insurance such as total and permanent disablement and trauma/crisis cover. Insurance just helps put money into a business at a time when it probably needs it most.