Benefits and Discounts

All insurance companies that we deal with provide you with policies that cover certain events. In addition to this, you maybe able to achieve some further dollar discounts or enjoy additional benefits.


There are a number of discounts available on certain policies.

Multi Policy

This is when life insurance and income protection are under the same application. This is the most common discount, as most people take advantage of packaging their insurance in this way. Discounts range from 2% to 5% of the annual premium or policy fee waiver.

Multi Life

This is where there is more than one person taking insurance – usually a family or business situation. Discounts range from 2% to 5% of the annual premium.

Large Sum Insured

Cover amounts in excess of $1 million can have additional premium discounts. You can find that $900,000 of cover for example, may be more expensive than $1 million once the large sum insured discount is applied.

Annual Payments

You can also make savings by paying annually rather than monthly. Most insurance companies charge and additional loading of up to 8% when paying monthly.

Healthy Lives

Companies are starting to reward very healthy people, by offering lifestyle discounts. This can also reduce your premium by an additional 10%.


Here are some of the built in benefits you can receive when you have a current insurance policy with the following companies.

AIA WeCare
  1. Counselling and grief support
  2. Legal and tax assistance
  3. Household assistance
  4. Funeral assistance
Asteron Asteron Life!
Asteron Asteron Life! is an online health and wellbeing resource to help you make those positive changes.
MLC Best Doctors
MLC When you need it the most, Best Doctors gets you talking with leading medical experts from around the world.